The Wild Way

Created by Nicola Allan

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

All Stretch Goals Now Unlocked! 🙌✨
7 months ago – Sun, Apr 30, 2023 at 06:50:22 AM

Woohoo Wild Ones! 🌲

We’re now at the home stretch of the campaign with just over a day to go! And the GOOD NEWS is... all stretch goals have now been unlocked! So I've added another one!  ✨

At this point I just wanted to thank you for your support and good vibes! I've felt your positivity throughout the campaign and am delighted you've decided to come on this journey with me.   

It was a big decision to "go green" on this project as it's meant having to make some tough decisions on how to structure everything–making sure that all my environmental "must-haves" were included while still keeping the deck and goodies affordable has been a challenge.

Like most decks, my previous co-creation Faunabelle Tarot was printed in China and though we ended up with a really beautiful product, I was unable to get adequate reassurance on the environmental impact of production. Also, the consequences of global shipping are enormous! When we were tracking the progress of our shipping container sailing across the world, it was truly shocking to see just how much traffic there is in our oceans—I certainly had no idea.  All that to say, by backing this project you can be confident that every-little-thing has been considered and you'll be receiving products that are not only beautiful, but also as planet friendly as possible.   

Once the campaign ends, I'll send out another update outlining what you can expect from this time until delivery. But for now, here's hoping that we clear £45k so I can add a little more magic to The Wild Way experience! If we do, I'll be creating a beautiful lunar calendar for every single backer to help you track the cycles of the moon! 🌝✨ 

Stretch Goals are Go! Two of Three Unlocked! ✨
7 months ago – Sun, Apr 23, 2023 at 05:49:32 AM

Good news Wild Ones! 🌲

You've helped to unlock not one, but two stretch goals so far! Your decks will now feature glorious matte gold gilded edges and I'll be adding gold foil detail to the box! 

With just over a week to go, I'm hoping that we can make it to the next goal which will unlock a FREE mini print for every bundle backer!  ✨

These prints will be available after the campaign to purchase (for £9.50) but why not bag yourself a free one now by upgrading your pledge! 

The following bundles will qualify for the free print if we make the next stretch goal...

↟ The Lochnagar Pack ↟  

The Lochnagar Pack includes The Wild Way Oracle Deck, Luna Wooden Card Stand and Stravaig Sticker Pack (£55)

↟ The Braeriach Bundle ↟

The Braeriach Bundle includes The Wild Way Oracle Deck and Cairngorm Tweed Card Pouch (£65)

↟ Double Up! Deck Bundle ↟  

The Double Up Bundle allows you to double up for a discount! Two decks for a special backer's bundle price (£80)

And if we meet the final stretch goal soon, maybe I'll add another one... or two! What would you like to see come to life in this campaign? Is there something you feel is missing? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks again friends! If you'd like to share the project with your communities it would greatly help us reach that stretch goal quicker! ✨

P.S.  There just are a handful of Faunabelle Bundles remaining so if you'd like one of those, please be quick! Thank you to everyone who has already added one of these to your pledge.

The Wild Way Oracle Deck Now Funded!! Stretch Goals? ✨
8 months ago – Sat, Apr 15, 2023 at 06:01:52 AM

 Thank you Wild Ones, it's happening! 🌲

Woohoo! We've made it past the campaign goal. I just wanted to send a huge thank you at this stage—it means so much to have your support on this project!

We're just over two weeks into the campaign and super close to reaching our first stretch goal now, adding gold foil edges to the deck! Ooh, look how pretty it would be...  

I also wanted to take this opportunity to have a closer look at some of the extra bits and pieces that you can add to your deck: 

The Cairngorm Tweed Card Pouch is made from wool tweed, produced in "The Home of Tweed" by Lovat Mill, one of the oldest mills in Scotland. 

I love this little bag so much! And look how the material is made... I find this ridiculously fascinating to watch:

Tweed is naturally renewable, biodegradable and recyclable, so I thought it would make the perfect home for cards that celebrate the natural world. I'm also excited that this bag allows me to share a little bit of the heritage of my homeland with you.

The fabric itself looks green, but is full of colour! All the little flecks of blue, brown, pink, aqua, grey, yellow and acid green reflect the landscape that inspired the deck. 

I've designed the Luna Wooden Card Stand to be the perfect spot for you to display your daily card pull and hope that it will take pride of place on your altar, should you have one.

The stand is made using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood which comes from Scandinavia—from forests where more trees are planted than are cut down. 

The gold foil blocking design shows four moon phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter which will hopefully provide a useful reminder to look up into sky for guidance and inspiration too. 

The Stravaig Sticker Pack will contain two sheets of stickers featuring 8 large characters from The Wild Way Oracle Deck along with lots of other little complimentary stickers for you to enjoy! 

The stickers will be digitally printed onto responsibly sourced papers and are 100% PVC free and 100% recyclable. The sticky stuff is made from an environmentally friendly water-based adhesive too.  

And finally there are a few Faunabelle Tarot decks and bundles left that you can also add-on but be quick! Once they're gone, they're gone! 

Thanks again friends! If you'd like to share the project with your communities it would greatly help us make those stretch goals a possibility! ✨

First Update: We're Over the Half Way Mark! ✨
8 months ago – Mon, Apr 03, 2023 at 05:35:08 AM

Hello Wild Ones! 🌲✨

I have exciting news to share with you! Thanks to your incredible support, we reached a major milestone in our Kickstarter fundraising goal—we crossed the halfway mark in only two days! I am so grateful for your generosity and commitment to my vision. Honestly, I was so nervous about hitting the button on this project, Faunabelle Tarot is a very hard act to follow! 

We're now well on our way to being funded but my goodness I'd so love to reach the stretch goals too. Adding that extra magic will turn the deck into something really special.

With that in mind, if you'd like to share the project with your communities it would greatly help us reach our campaign goal much faster, and make those stretch goals a possibility! ✨

I'll leave you with a little behind-the-scenes peek at the making of some of the art for the deck...  

Oh! And make sure to follow along on Twitter and Instagram too! I'll be painting more this week and sharing some of the stories behind the decans, join me!

P.S. A limited number of Faunabelle Tarot decks are now available as an "add-on" along with a bundle of goodies from that project. There are no plans to reprint at the moment so once they're gone, they're gone! You might need to be quick! ⚡️